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Commercial Heavy Duty Polytunnel Kit (Fully Installed)Commercial Heavy Duty Polytunnel Kit (Fully Installed)Commercial Heavy Duty Polytunnel Kit (Fully Installed)
Commercial Heavy Duty Polytunnel Kit (Fully Installed)Commercial Heavy Duty Polytunnel Kit (Fully Installed)Commercial Heavy Duty Polytunnel Kit (Fully Installed)

Commercial Heavy Duty Polytunnel Kit (Fully Installed)


All fitted by our own in-house professional fitters.
Available heavy duty polytunnel sizes:
Width: 20ft, 24ft, 28ft & 30ft
Length: To your requirement.
Heavy Duty Polytunnels for commercial installations. Our Commercial Polytunnels are made using high-tensile galvanized steel tube specifically made for Polytunnel manufacturing.
To order a commercial polytunnel please call us on 087 366 8692 for more details.

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Our Polytunnels come fully fitted by our in-house Professional fitters. 

Our Heavy Duty Full Installation Tunnel Package comes fully fitted and supplied with the following:

  • Hoops: For our 20ft & 24ft wide tunnels we use 50ømm high tensile galvanized steel tube specifically made for polytunnel construction. For Tunnels of 28ft & 30ft Wide, we use 60ømm galvanized steel tube.

  • Ground bars: 50ømm x 500mm long tube sitting 400mm into the ground to provide foundation support for each leg of your tunnel hoops. For Tunnels of 28ft & 30ft Wide, 60ømm tube will be used.

  • Support bars

  • Anti-hot spot tape

  • Base Rail System: Pressure treated 4″x 2″ timber base rail system for attaching the polythene to your tunnel.

  • Double-Doors: Double frame with doors. You can also add rear double doors. See the Optional Extras below.

  • Rear air vent panel: You can also upgrade to include Double doors instead. See the Optional Extras below.

  • Polythene: 1000 Gauge diffused anti-drip and anti-fog thermostatic polythene cover. Comes with 7 year UV breakdown Warrenty.

No trench required when fitting your polytunnel with the base rail system.

On commercial tunnels 24ft and Wider, it will be required to dig a trench in order to concrete in your Ground Bars to provide extra support for your tunnel. 

Optional Extras

  • Double Rear Doors: Double Rear doors can be included instead of the Rear air vent panel.

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Note: Please take the time to read the Important Information tab above regarding your site before purchasing a tunnel.


Important Information

Choosing your Site

The best site for your polytunnel is a green field or lawn. Your site should also be as flat as possible and should also not be ploughed or contain broken ground in any way as the Ground Bars of your tunnel will need to be secured 700mm under the ground. If the ground where your tunnel will be situated does not contain undisturbed soil, it will not be enough to secure the ground bars in the ground. if the chosen site is situated on a gradual slope, the tunnel should be positioned running in line with slope. 

On construction of the tunnel, our fitters will need a clear site free from any Bushes, obstacles and animal feces. Our fitters will also need a 1 metre gap around the entire perimeter of the tunnel location in order to safely use hand tools and secure the ploythene.

Access to the site should also be a short distance from where our company vans will be parked as there will be a lot of heavy and awkward to carry materials brought on the day of fitting. Our fitters will also need acess to a water supply on the day of fitting.

Please also be aware that your tunnel cannot be situated above an area where there are underground services e.g. Water pipes, Power cables and gas pipes as this is huge safety risk to both yourself and our fitters.

If you have any questions to any of the above, please feel free to call us 087 3668692.